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Get screened by March 31 or face the music

All foreign returned after March 10 will have to turn up for screening

Binay Singh

Varanasi: Taking serious note of the low turn out of foreign returned people at the hospital for screening, the district magistrate Kaushal Raj Sharma on Sunday issued a strict warning of initiating action under the Epidemic Diseases Act1897 for escaping from the screening.

The DM on Saturday had issued instruction asking all those, who returned from foreign trips after March 10, to get screened at the hospital. “Only 21 such persons got screened on Sunday. It seems that they are not taking it seriously,” said the DM reiterating his instruction.


“It is to remind them that the time is passing rapidly. Their health condition may deteriorate if they avoid screening, and they as dormant carriers of novel corona virus can infect their family members including elderly and sick,” he said it would be treated very seriously under the Epidemic Diseases Act if they do not get screened by 4 pm on March 31,” said the DM  adding that direct FIR would be lodged against such people after getting data of their travel plan from airport authority, airlines or other agencies. “Besides initiating legal action, such people would also be declared ‘anti-social”, said the DM.


He clarified that there is no need of screening if one returned from foreign country on or before March 10. They can get examined if experiencing symptoms of cough and fever.


According to the records of DDU District hospital, as many as 21 foreign returned persons turned up for screening on Sunday. One of the was found symptomatic and admitted to the hospital. His sample was sent for testing. The other non-symptomatic people have been asked for home quarantine till April 14.


Earlier, two foreign returned persons were tested positive in the district. They are under the observation of doctors at the hospitals.



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