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Ritika sets unique record  

In lockdown period she has created an art work by writing Loka: Samasta: Sukhino Bhavatu" in 18 languages ​​with the sacred thread (Mauli)

Ritika sets unique record

Varanasi: Ritika Singh, native of Anand Nagar of Maharajganj, has illuminated the name of her district by making a world record for the first time while living in home under lockdown. An artist thinks of creating an artistry in every environment. When the lockdown started and it was clear that now many months people have to be imprisoned in homes, as an artist, Ritika also started wondering how to change this atmosphere with a positive artwork.

Ritika sets unique record

She has contacted her mentor in Varanasi Dr. Jagadeesh Pillai (who is the most Guinness Book of World Record Holder in Uttar Pradesh with four records) for the guidance to do something unique during this lockdown since he has also done an activity for world peace by writing Loka: Samasta: Sukhino Bhavatu” in 11551 times through 56 people. The idea to write Loka: Samasta: Sukhino Bhavatu” in 18 languages through raksha Sutra was finalised.

Ritika sets unique record

“From 17 April 2020 onwards, I had started working on it. Apart from that I had requested my friends and relatives to send me a placard written “Loka: Samasta: Sukhino Bhavantu”. Within two weeks, about 118 people sent me a photo with a placard written with “Loka: Samasta: Sukhino Bhavantu”, she said.

“May All Beings Everywhere Be Happy”: Banaras writes it 11551 times

“During the process of making my painting of artwork with Raksha Sutra, I used to show everyday activity to Jagadeesh Sir in Varanasi by sending the photo and videos of my work for his continues guidanceof whatever work for his advice,” she said adding, “The 36 days journey ended on 22 May. All photos and videos of the making of the art work has been forwarded to Jagadeesh Sir for further action and submission to world record. An excellent video presentation of my complete art work has also been created by him for online release”. “On May 23, all documents, photos and videos were sent to World Records India. I have received a certificate from World Record India on Thursday through mail with the confirmation of my entry into World Records India”.

“May All Beings Everywhere Be Happy”: Banaras writes it 11551 times

According to her, about 1400 meters of raksha sutra has been used making the size of the entire painting is 20 meters X 0.46 meters in 18 languages including Hindi, English, Bengali, Bhojpuri, Gujarati, Sri Lanka, Arabic, Urdu, Maithili, Sanskrit, Telugu, Kannada, Nepali, Malayalam, Punjabi, Marathi, Oriya and, Tamil.



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