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Street play staged by NSS unit of BHU

Varanasi: As part of the ‘One Day Special Camp’,National Service Scheme, Unit 002-C of Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi performed Nukkad Natak (street play) (Aaoo Aaoo Naatak Dekhe Naatak) at the Ganga ghats (from Assi to Dashashawamedh) on Sunday. The camp was organised under the guidance and supervision of Beauty Yadav, Assistant Professor and Program Officer, (NSS) Faculty of Arts, BHU.

The One Day Camp was conceptualised to support Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s drive advocating cleanliness and eradication of TB by 2024. Vaccination and precautionary measures against such diseases was insisted upon by the volunteers. The street play tried to motivate the masses to work in solidarity to fight against diseases such as Tuberculosis and filariasis.

Susanne, a lady from Australia, who has been visiting Varanasi for the last 40 years, was moved to tears on seeing the street play, as she was reminded of the times when the river used to be clean. She shared her experiences with the volunteers and appreciated the Unit for its efforts.


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