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High Court’s Guideline for Judicial Work


Varanasi: Allahabad High Court has issued comprehensive guidelines for Judicial Work in District Courts of Uttar Pradesh considering the directives/restrictions issued by the Central Government/State Government regarding the Districts covered in different zones viz. red, orange and green zones.

Further, specific guidelines were issued for Districts covered under each zone specifying the nature and mechanism of Judicial Work to be carried out. The District Courts of Uttar Pradesh covered under the various zones viz. red, orange and green zones started functioning as per the guidelines from 08.05.2020 onwards.

On 12.05.2020, in 49 District Courts covered in green and Orange zone, 2889 matters were taken up and 870 matters were decided. Hearing in the Orange zone was conducted through Virtual Court only. In 66 Districts, Remand/Other Judicial Work in respect of under trial prisoners was conducted through Video-Conference. In 2906 number of cases, remand/other Judicial work was conducted through Videoconference.

For the e-filing in Allahabad High Court, a workflow in pictorial form has been uploaded on the website of Allahabad High Court for convenience of Learned Counsels/Litigants.


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