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‘Jamaatis are traitors, punish them’, Iqbal Ansari


Varanasi: Terming the people of Tablighi Jamaat as ‘gaddar’ (traitor), Babri litigant Iqbal Ansari said that they should be dealt with severely.

“Why they are hiding, what is fearing them when the government is providing all facilities,” said Ansari while talking to a section of media. “Ye desh ke gaddar hai, bimari ko phailana chah rahe hain” (They are traitors conspiring to spread the disease), he said adding that stringent action should be taken against them.

He said that the behavour of jamaatees is defaming the Muslim community. “We are true Muslims and loyal to our country to fight against corona virus,” he said adding that most cases of corona virus are found among jammatis.


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