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NER, DLW playing active role to combat COVID-19 


Varanasi: The Varanasi Division of North Eastern Railway (NER) is playing an active role in combating COVID-19. The DRM Vijay Kumar Panjiyar and his team of railway men are making all possible efforts to provide necessary services and goods required in this battle.

According to the local spokesperson of NER Ashok Kumar, so far 16 general coaches including nine at Manduadih coaching depot and seven in Chhapra coaching depot have been converted into isolation wards with certain modifications. The work of converting other 16 coaches is in full swing. Each coach will have required facilities like oxygen, equipment and medicine for the patients. The toilets have also been converted into bathrooms.  Besides, other facilities like transparent plastic curtains, mosquito nets have also been arranged for the protection of patients.

The Varanasi division of NER has also started production of medical goods like face mask, hand sanitizer, gloves, head cover and alcohol/sodium hypochlorite-based sanitizer with the available resources. These goods are supplied to various railway stations and units of the division. The sanitizer is being produced at the DEMU shade of Aurihar railway station.

Similarly, the Diesel Locomotive Works (DLW), a production unit of Indian Railways, is also producing medical kits like face masks, hand sanitizer, medicine table, IV stand, food table for patients, etc.

The DLW spokesperson Nitin Mehrotra said that medical equipments including IV drip stand, bedside bowl stand, patient food table and medicine table are being manufactured and supplied to the DLW hospital. The Plant and Tool Design office has designed these equipments. The DLW has also made foot operated hand wash kiosks, which have been installed at the DLW’s RPF barrack.


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